Winning NASA DEVELOP Team Focuses on Health and Air Quality

Photo showing an image of the earth as well as photos of random abstract images. Credit: NASA DEVELOP National Program

Image courtesy of Chris McKeel, Wise County/NASA DEVELOP.

The smoke has cleared, and the team of Kenneth Hall, Myles Boyd and Jeremy Carpenter will take home the prize in Earthzine’s fourth Virtual Poster Session featuring projects from the NASA DEVELOP National Program.

The team, from Langley Research Center, was one of 17 featured in the spring term session (below), which showcased work from 69 students and young professionals.

Thirteen of the projects included short videos along with research abstracts, making them eligible for an Earthzine-sponsored competition. Of those, Langley’s Texas Health team won out, based on evaluations by a three-person panel of scientists, who scored each project based in part on discussion in the comments section below each entry. Friends and colleagues also were encouraged to vote for each entry in the form of Facebook “Likes.”

“All the groups did excellent work and it was clear that they gave a great deal of energy and thought to their projects,” said one of the judges, Robert Meneghini.

The winning Langley team’s presentation, titled “Seeing Through the Texas Smoke Using NASA Earth Observations,” will be awarded $450. The Langley team, and three runners-up, also will receive recognition in the form of certificates.

Second place honors go to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory team of Katrina Laygo, Austin Madson and Kevin O’Connell for their presentation “NASA Radar Assessments of Water Extent along River Levees.”

The judges came in with a tie for third place, between the Ames Research Center team of Amber Kuss, William Brandt, Michelle Newcomer, Andrew Nguyen and Wei-Chen Hsu for “Improving Groundwater Storage Estimates in California;” and the Langley Research Center team of Jasmine Walker, Nathan Walker and Michael Linsinbigler for “DEVELOP’s HIVE Keeping Up-To-Date with Ever-Changing Technology.”

Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the fourth Earthzine-sponsored Virtual Poster Session.

"Overall, the presentations were top notch, so it was a tough call to pick out a clear winner,” said judge David Young.

For more information about DEVELOP, visit the DEVELOP website. Previous Earthzine Virtual Poster Sessions are listed below.

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